Best ChatGPT Android Apps You Can Download Right Now (2023)

There is no doubt that OpenAI’s ChatGPT has revolutionized the world of conversational AI with a powerful language model. There are virtually limitless applications and opportunities you can use it for, and people from all fields can take advantage of it. From developers, students, content writers to even social media managers, everyone can use some ChatGPT help to speed up their work.

ChatGPT-3 and ChatGPT-4 applications are not just restricted to the web or desktop computers. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best ChatGPT based Android apps available on the Google Play Store. All of these available for free as of writing this post, but expect OpenAI to soon start charging for this free personal assistant. Let’s get on with our best ChatGPT Android apps list now.

Before we begin our list, please note, that there is no ‘official’ best free ChatGPT app for Android as of right now. May be this will change in the future, but most of these apps have implemented this OpenAI tool by various workarounds or have got accepted into the limited beta API.

Note: Most of these apps are still using GPT-3 or GPT-3.5 models at the backend. Very few developers have access to ChatGPT-4 API or you will have to use your own OpenAI login credentials in some apps if you want to use the newer and faster language model.

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1Alissu – Best ChatGPT App for Android

2Genie – AI Chatbot

3Chat GPT – Open Chat AI Bot

4Nova – Chat GPT App (AI Chatbot)

5ChatSonic: Free ChatGPT Android App

6Aico AI Chat

7ChatOn – AI Chatbot Assistant

8AI Chat: Apo Assistant Chatbot

9More Apps…

Alissu – Best ChatGPT App for Android

Best ChatGPT Android Apps You Can Download Right Now (1)

Alissu is a free ChatGPT Android app that uses OpenAI’s conversational AI product to answer whatever questions you may have. This app allows you select what language model you want to use and then proceed with some examples you can ask this AI. You will have the following models to choose from: Davinci, Curie, Babbage, Adda.

Prompts matter a lot, so the app will also help you with detailed examples on how and what to ask the AI bot to get a satisfactory answer. It is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model, an improved version of GPT-3.

Download Alissu

Genie – AI Chatbot

Best ChatGPT Android Apps You Can Download Right Now (2)

Genie is a revolutionary AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT (GPT-4 and GPT-3). It will help you from writing stories, essays, and tweets to answering any question you have. We already discussed a number of use cases earlier, but we find Genie to be one of the top free Android Chat GPT Android app on the market.

With Genie, you can engage in natural conversations. Genie makes it easy to stay on top of important tasks. Whether you want to get advice, find new connections, chat about the news, or plan for the future, Genie has you covered.

Download Genie Chat GPT App

Chat GPT – Open Chat AI Bot

Best ChatGPT Android Apps You Can Download Right Now (3)

Meet AI Chat, the first app to start using the ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo model on Android. This chatbot can get instant and smart answers with AI Chat, delivering interactive and fun conversations that’ll make you more productive. So whether you’re a tech enthusiast, professional, or looking for a personal AI assistant, AI Chat is the perfect solution for all your needs.

The advanced AI-powered technology understands your questions and generates human-like responses, making you feel like you are chatting with a knowledgeable friend. It can even recommend a book to read or a movie to watch!

Here are some key features you should know about AI Chat:

  • Latest ChatGPT technology (GPT-3.5 Turbo)
  • Unlimited questions and answers
  • Multi-language support (140+ Languages)
  • Ability to have dialogs (AI remembers full chat history)

Download Chat AI Bot

Nova – Chat GPT App (AI Chatbot)

Best ChatGPT Android Apps You Can Download Right Now (4)

This is another Android app that uses GPT-3.5 Turbo, the same technology powering OpenAI’s ChatGPT service, to answer all yours questions instantly like an expert bot. GPT-4 requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus. Whether you’re looking for information on a specific topic or just want to have a casual conversation, ChatGod is here to assist.

You can use Nova Chat GPT app in the following ways:

  • Getting answers to any questions
  • Writing copies
  • Having a casual conversation
  • Ask for movie recommendations
  • Get help with mathematical calculations

Download Nova AI Chatbot

ChatSonic: Free ChatGPT Android App

Best ChatGPT Android Apps You Can Download Right Now (5)

ChatSonic is the best ChatGPT alternative available right now, as it surpasses most of its features. To start with, Chat GPT has been trained on data until 2021, so it is unable to write on topics beyond that year. This is where ChatSonic comes in as it can be your personal assistant, content writer and also generate digital art and paintings from chat.

There is so much more to ChatSonic, so here is a quick list:

  • Provides up-to-date factual information on current affairs by using Google’s knowledge graph
  • Generates digital art and paintings
  • Understands voice commands and talks back responses like Siri
  • Remembers your previous chat history and replies to follow-up questions contextually
  • Gives you the option to share, edit, or download your conversations

Download ChatSonic

Aico AI Chat

Best ChatGPT Android Apps You Can Download Right Now (6)

Aico is a GPT-3.5 AI-powered chatbot that helps you quickly and easily find answers to your questions with real-time voice chat features. Utilizing natural language processing and deep learning, Aico AI can understand your queries and provide relevant information, as well as suggest related topics.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and efficiently get the information you need. Please note, this app runs completely offline on your Android device and does not need an Internet connection. Aico is using the official GPT 3.5 Turbo API and ChatGPT API.

Download Aico AI Chat

ChatOn– AI Chatbot Assistant

Best ChatGPT Android Apps You Can Download Right Now (7)

ChatOn has switched from GPT-3 and is now based on the innovative cutting-edge model (GPT-4), so the AI companion can maintain human-like interaction in real time. The AI chatbot is perfect for anyone, be it a student who needs help with crafting an essay or a copywriter in search of a witty turn of phrase!

This innovative app revolutionizes the way you communicate and create. With its advanced language processing abilities, ChatOn can understand and respond to natural language in real-time, making it the perfect AI companion for all your chat and writing needs.

Here are some features of the ChatOn ChatGPT Android app:

  • AI assistant for any task
  • Image-to-text converter built into the app
  • Perfect texts and copy with the AI writer
  • Conversation in multiple languages
  • AI Helper for maths and coding

Download ChatOn

AI Chat: Apo Assistant Chatbot

Best ChatGPT Android Apps You Can Download Right Now (8)

Another one to add to your collection is Apo Assistant Chatbot, a similar ChatGPT based Android app as others mentioned above. You can make this app your own smart personal assistant that is always available for you on your phone. Whether you need help with a specific problem, want to learn more about a certain topic, or just want to have a conversation, this chatbot has you covered.

With the advanced GPT-4, enjoy a personalized and conversational experience with your Chatbot AI personal assistant.

It offers the following features:

  • More AI GPT4 Chatbot Assistant to choose such as: Business, Content, Writing, Interview, Information etc.
  • Utilize Apo AI Chatbot as a Linux Terminal, JavaScript helper to debug & write code, and extract data from text.
  • Ask questions and receive explanations with a specific style using the AI technology.
  • Summarize, Q&A Question, Explain Any Things with a Particular Style
  • Get Ideas for AI Art, Decoration, Party Themes, Social media Status, Create Contents marketing, Emails for Business
  • Find Answers to Homework and Assignment Questions
  • Use Apo AI Chatbot to Write Music, Translations, Grammar correction, Grade Essays, Solve Maths
  • Start conversations to get more creative with your unique ideas and examples.

Download Apo AI Chat

More Apps…

Best ChatGPT Android Apps You Can Download Right Now (9)

If you go through the apps like on the Google Play Store, the list seems to be getting never-ending with a new app coming up every day. If the above list wasn’t enough, here are some more mentions of free Chat GPT for Android apps:

These were all the best Chat GPT apps that are now available on the Google Play Store for Android devices, and are currently all free.

In conclusion, the GPT-3 and GPT-4 technologies have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for conversational AI, and developers have taken advantage of this to create a wide range of innovative and exciting Android apps. Whether you’re looking for a personal AI chatbot, a text-based adventure game, or a tool for answering questions, there’s definitely an app that can meet your needs.

The apps on this list represent some of the best and most popular GPT-3 and GPT-4 based Android apps available, and we hope that this blog post has helped you discover a new app that you’ll love. As GPT models continue to evolve, we can expect to see even more exciting and innovative apps in the future. So stay tuned for further developments in the world of conversational AI!


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